Kingdom Kuts is following the State Board of Cosmetology guidelines and restrictions. These rules are in unison with the CDC recommended practices for reopening salons.

Working diligently to keep the stylist and the client safe is our main priority. It is IMPOSSIBLE to “social distance” during a haircut. Therefore we have to follow certain procedures to combat the exposure of Coronavirus.

Salon has been getting disinfected (with a concentration on the bathroom and lobby area) weekly since 2013. I use the professionals of Enviro-Master Inc. They are thorough, professional, and the BEST in the industry.

Here are some changes due to COVID-19:



New Procedures

  • Answer COVID-19 questionnaire and sign
  • Mandatory temperature checks- Temps over 99.5° will be rescheduled.
  • *Masks are required for all stylists, adults, and children 4 and up. But recommended for all.
  • **My sensory clients & Toddlers (0-3)? probably not! However, there will have to be NO signs of coughing, runny-nose, fever, or any illness.
  • Mandatory hand washes before the service for the stylist and the clients.
  • The lobby is closed until further notice. Unfortunately, this means no toys and books for now.
  • When the door has a red “STOP” sign, please don’t enter. When it has a green “GO” sign, the salon has been sanitized and it is safe to enter.
  • Stylist will disinfectant the chair between each client/family.
  • Limited family members during the service, adult & the children getting the service if possible
    ( no friends and neighbors). Of course, infants are no problem. It’s also fine for clients that require both parents to complete the haircut.
  • Changes to Salon hours : Just several days a week
    10am-4pm. Once all are booked will extend hours to 6pm.
    Also just opening up the schedule two weeks at a time, instead of months out for the time being.
  • New offerings: I will have masks for sale for bigger kids and adults.
  • If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.
  • Thank you so much for sticking with us. I know this is a lot of information! We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times.

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