Thank You for Choosing Kingdom Kuts!

Thanks for considering Kingdom Kuts for your children’s haircut needs. This is all the information you need to help determine if Kingdom Kuts will be the right fit for your family.

First, Please familiarize yourself with our policies regarding contagious illness.

How to Book an Appointment

  • Only use  the New Client option  to book your appointment
  • If booking for multiple children, each child will need a separate appointment
  • You will receive instant notification once booked correctly. This removes the appointment from online booking.  It has to be rescheduled or canceled to change it after this step. The confirmation will come closer to the date of service.  Please cancel if you or someone in the household is quarantined with Covid19
  • Keep your email/text notification until after your visit. The link is used for rescheduling and/or canceling.

Changes & Cancellation

  • To make changes, always change/reschedule your existing appointment. No double booking please, it will result in a declined appointment.
  • Cancellations are made by the client. You cancel in the same manner booked. Keep in mind the system is set up so YOU (the client) can change or cancel your appointment as much as you like, within the allowed time frame. (3 hours before your appointment, after that the system will not allow changes)
  • Unfortunately, phone calls, emails, and text messages are not sufficient ways to cancel. These methods are not received immediately, normally days out. When you cancel correctly the system releases the appointment making it visible online to the many customers looking for canceled/last-minute appointments.

Remember: If you keep getting notifications, it’s not cancelled.

  • Failure to cancel at least 3 hours before your appointment will result in a cancellation fee, full price of serviced reserved. Once you pay the cancellation fee, via invoice you may book a new appointment.

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